Raise your voice, Raise your aspirations

Think2Speak empowers people to become more confident and engaging communicators! We want people to talk about what is important in life, equip people with the skills and knowledge to keep them safe and enable them to make life decisions with confidence!

Think2Speak offer a range of emotional wellbeing services from training to policy advice and counselling.

Outcomes for Children & Young People

  • Communication, leadership, team working, digital marketing, PR skills, personal development and self-reflection skills.
  • Levels of aspiration, resilience, perseverance, persistence, social, physical, emotional wellbeing, self-control, discipline, good time keeping, self-confidence, self-esteem, attitude, respect, empathy, curiosity and problem solving will all be improved.

If you think this offer would be suitable for your children or young people, please click the link below and we will contact the delivery organisation who will be in contact to book in delivery.

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