Active Fusion: A day in the life of Haydn Briggs

20 March 2018

As part of the recent National Apprentice Week our Social Media Apprentice, Alicia, embarked on a piece of work to promote the work of apprentices in our schools. Our “a day in the life of” followed one of our apprentices, Haydn Briggs. Haydn is employed by Saltersgate Infant School to improve sport provision for their children.

Before his coaching abilities were recognised by the school he started his training with Active Fusion when he was just 15 years old. Sarah Belk, our development officer took him under her wing as he volunteered at his local primary schools. After helping out and putting his skills into practice at a few Active Fusion sport events it wasn't long until he knew his way around a sports hall, and went onto become a sports leader, often running sessions on his own.  

As his passion for teaching sport grew, so did his skills and he decided to apply to become a P.E. & School Sport Apprentice. At Interview Haydn stood out amongst six other candidates. Saltersgate Infants saw his potential and realised he would be a great role model for the children at the school. As the months have gone on he’s benefited the students and the staff more and more; helping out on school trips, working with dinner time groups, such as play leaders, leading reception, year 1, year 2 and working with a group of special needs children (so you can see Haydn doesn’t just improve the school’s sports provision).

Haydn’s P.E. mentor Sue Brown praised his hard work and dedication to the school she says ‘Haydn has hit the ground running; he’s built a great relationship with, not only the kids, but the staff too. He’s always keen to try new things and we are looking forward to keeping him on next year.’

On the Friday of National Apprenticeship Week, we observed Haydn on what would be a typical day at Saltersgate Infant School. Throughout the day Haydn worked with different age groups teaching them fun, heart raising activities, monitoring them on break and lunch times and assisting during lesson time. It is clear to see that over the course of his apprenticeship he has formed a great relationship with the students at the school; finding a balance between discipline and motivating the children.  

Our apprenticeship schemes are having a great impact on our schools so far and we are looking to recruit more young people with a passion to get involved with coaching other young people, improving their health and well-being. We are also looking for more host schools in the Rotherham & Doncaster area wanting to make an investment in their P.E & School Sport provision through the employment of an apprentice. If you are interested, then visit our website or contact us: