ELS Spotlight - SportsWorks! An insight into their fantastic programmes and positive feedback from a local School.

14 May 2019

This week we're taking a look at The Positive Pathways programme delivered by SportsWorks, which uses a combination of inclusive physical activity and a series of mindfulness sessions to enhance emotional and physical health & well-being of primary and secondary school children. It specifically is designed to build resilience, self-esteem, confidence, fundamental movement skills, communication and social skills, teamwork, leadership and strategies to help participants manage stress effectively.

Sport Works experienced team all have a strong track record of successfully delivering health and education programmes in primary and secondary schools and have enhanced DBS checks.

The 12 week programmes consist of weekly 90 minute sessions that can be delivered as part of the curriculum or as extra-curricular enrichment activity.  Each of these sessions can accommodate up to 22 pupils who will work towards a Sport Works Leadership qualification.

As part of this the mindfulness course, the tutor will deliver a six week programme which is ideal to help pupils who are struggling with anxiety or other emotional issues.  This element is able to support groups of up to 10.

Castle Academy of Conisbrough had some seriously high praise for the programme;

"Our children and myself found the course incredibly insightful. The children have a clear understanding of what mindfulness is and how to adopt the strategies taught in their day to day life.

Pupil's overall have appeared calmer and better able to reflect on how they cope with stressful situations. Pupil with SEMH who was prone to reacting with violence has been able to use grounding techniques to allow her to stop and deal with situations in a more appropriate manner, this has helped her to feel more in control and proud of herself.

All pupils have used techniques taught during the lead up to SATS.

I would like to say how professional and warm you were delivering the course making all children feel welcome."

Testament to the hard work of the staff and quality of the programme being delivered, Bravo!