Fulfil your potential at Expect Summer

12 July 2019

Expect Youth have been speaking to organisations who will be delivering activities throughout Expect Summer.

This week we spoke to Callum Dixon, managing director of Place of Potential (POP).

POP are holding sessions throughout Expect Summer at Sober Social, which is located on Priory Place in Doncaster town centre.

POP has been running for one year and is a project designed to help young people develop their essential life skills, such as confidence, resilience and communication through fun activities.

Callum explained the kind of activities young people will be able to take part in.

"Sober Social will be open every Thursday throughout the school summer holidays for young people to come and get involved with activities and speak to other young people they might not otherwise get the chance to meet," he said. 

"We'll be having ping pong tournaments, a Great British Bake Off, pop-prentice sessions where they can learn about business planning and social media training, an indoor Olympics, a scrapheap challenge. It's not a fixed programme and will be different every week to help young people develop their communication, teamwork and just enable them to have fun without realising the skills they're developing. 

"It's so important to keep kids engaged throughout the summer. I remember when I used to basically spend six weeks playing on my Xbox.  When you go back to school it takes a while to get into work mode again. We're really excited to have the opportunity to do something constructive to keep people active and connected." 

Callum added that more formal environments, such as school, can make it more difficult for young people to approach one another.

He said: "The whole ethos of POP is is that there is no barriers and everything is inclusive. 

"We had one person engage with us who had been referred here by his school after he lost his mum. He had become very reserved at school and he met other kids here that he wouldn't have normally. 

"In the first session he was quite reserved but after a couple of weeks he was engaging more at school and with his peers. POP gave him confidence again and the space to just be a kid."

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