Get involved with boxing at Expect Summer 2019

19 June 2019

Expect Youth is counting down to the launch of Expect Summer 2019 and spoke to Tommy Gilbert of TG Boxing, based in Skellow, Doncaster, about what he'll be offering young people during the school summer holidays.

Expect Summer is a programme run by Expect Youth over the summer months to keep young people aged 5 to 18 engaged and active while they aren't at school, giving them access to opportunities for free which they may not otherwise have. 

Boxing is just one of a wide range of activities which will be taking place and will be run by Tommy. The sessions will be non-contact, meaning young people will be shown boxing skills and techniques using pads.

Tommy said: "It will be all about learning the basics and all about encouraging young people to get involved with a positive sport.

"We really enjoyed running the sessions last year and it was a massive success, with lots of Doncaster boxing clubs getting interest from the kids who had been to Expect Summer.

"As well their skills and fitness, it brings out confidence, resilience, self-worth and discipline. It gives young people a goal to work towards and a sense of aspiration. It also exposes them to positive role models.

"We try to create an open and welcoming environment for all people of all abilities at our clubs and that is how the Expect Summer sessions will be run. 

"We have a lad who comes to TG Boxing who at first was scared to come inside - but apart from advancing his skills, he now he engages with the other young boxers and isn't at home on X-Box. That is a success in itself and I would urge anyone who feels a little nervous about boxing to get involved."

Details of locations and times of Tommy's session will soon be released on the Expect Summer website and social media channels, but if you'd like to find out more about boxing contact Tommy on the TG Boxing Facebook page or find him on Instagram: tommy_gilbert84