Jamie McDonnell Fight for Good CIC ELS launch at Danum School

03 December 2018
Former World Champion boxer, Jamie McDonnell launched the Fight for Good CIC Essential Life Skills programme on Monday with EXPECT Youth. 
The launch at Danum School saw pupils start their Boxing Stars UK journey, as they continue to learn essential life skills across the borough. 
It becomes a fantastic addition to the vast amount of EXPECT Skills for Life programmes available to Doncaster schools.
Peter Norman, Stategic Development Director at EXPECT Youth said: "Today’s launch is another key addition to the continued rollout of our EXPECT Skills for Life programme across Doncaster schools.  The Jamie McDonnell Foundation made a great contribution during the summer holidays to the EXPECT Summer programme. 

"Their boxing and activity classes attracted large numbers of young people and quite often there were just as many girls there as boys!  The excellent coaching and the wide variety of activities on offer mean that sessions give youngsters an opportunity to develop their individual and team skills.  I saw at first hand how quickly young people’s self-discipline, confidence and resilience grew.  These key areas of personality directly affect how young people approach challenges inside and outside of school.

"Jamie is an inspiration and a great role model for young people. I encourage parents and schools to get their children involved with these sessions."

For more information about the sessions, visit the website at https://expectyouth.co.uk/essential-life-skills 

For more information about the Jamie McDonnell Foundation, contact info@jmcdfoundation.co.uk