Launch event for
Expect Youth

10 July 2017

There was a distinct buzz in the air at the Keepmoat  when Peter Norman – Strategic Development Director of the Doncaster Youth Alliance, chaired the launch event for Expect Youth.

The Doncaster Youth Alliance, now known as Expect Youth has announced that it will be bringing together many already existing organisations, to come together to provide an exciting new proposition to improve the Youth offer across the Borough, making Doncaster a safer and better place to live, specifically for young people.

Jim Lord

Jim Lord CEO of Club Doncaster Foundation, the host organisation said:

We are proud to be able to lead this fantastic opportunity which has already got other boroughs across the region interested, the energy and dynamic aspect of this great collaboration is truly going to make a difference, developing aspirations for our young people.”

We heard how there was a light bulb moment when Riana Nelson, Assistant Director from DMBC got together with Club Doncaster Foundation, Flying Futures, Doncaster Community Arts and Doncaster Culture Leisure Trust to discuss how the Youth offer in Doncaster was to change. They realised that they needed to listen to the Young people as a collective group and whilst DMBC are the glue that hold the offering together, they should certainly not be the Lead organisation. They agreed that the main focus was to have energy, enterprise and empathy with the young people and that these would come from bringing existing, experienced professionals together to make a difference and so, Expect Youth has been formed.

We need to help develop strong, young people to become participative members of society. It is a privilege and an honour to be a part of this really exciting prospect for change, creating an emerging future.”
Riana Nelson – Assistant Director, DMBC

Riana Nelson

The most inspiring moment came when we heard from some of the young people already involved in the provision.


James, a student with DCLT for the past year was full of praise and told a fantastic story about how he is already running events and becoming a role model and champion even though he is only 17.

Jon Whitely (deputy Chief Executive DCLT) has empowered me to take opportunities that I would otherwise have not even looked into, I am delighted with how my future is shaping up.

Charlotte, a student with Club Doncaster Foundation is also amazed at how her ambitions are finally being realised, after tough times at A level, she now finds herself looking forward to going to Hull University.

All the positive influences around me pushed me to want to achieve more, I have already told all my friends about the Expect Youth offer and hope that the word spreads and helps other young people like myself.


The partner organisations that are already involved include: Club Doncaster Foundation, DCLT, Flying Futures, Active Fusion, DMBC, DARTS, Doncaster Children’s Services Trust - EPIC programme and Doncaster Chamber.

Their mission as a team, is to work together to make sustainable improvements to the aspiration, achievement and life skills of young people across Doncaster by making a positive impact upon their lives.

Included alongside this, there is a new commitment to ensure high quality youth centred provision for the Borough, by acting as a capacity building and innovation body for people and organisations to create positive activities and personal development opportunities for young people.

Over the next 3 years EXPECT Youth will be investing in strengthening a community based offer that provides access to a diverse range of places to go and things to do.

For more information on Expect Youth and on the events that are currently being run please visit: