Meet EXPECT Youth's First Taekwondo Champion!

25 September 2019

A young boy who had never taken part in sport before is now a taekwondo champion thanks to Expect Summer.


Ten-year-old Dexter took part in taekwondo during Expect Summer 2018, a programme designed keep young people engaged and active during the school summer holidays.


He was initially inspired by his mum Sarah, who has taken part in marshall arts since the age of eight, and introduced to the sport at Storm Taekwondo, who ran free sessions as part of Expect Summer.


He's since gone on to finish second at competitions across the UK and Scotland and is preparing for upcoming national championships. 


His sister Bethany, 8, also takes part in taekwondo after going along to Expect Summer and mum Sarah said she couldn't prouder of them both.


"Dexter and Bethany enjoyed taekwondo so much at Expect Summer that they have carried on ever since," she said.


"Dexter hasn't always been sporty, he decided to do it because of my involvement with Marshall arts. 


"Expect Summer and taekwondo have been a great experience for Dexter and Bethany. It's improved their fitness, makes them happy and has built their confidence.


"Dexter is working towards a national competition in Manchester and Bethany is working towards her first competition in Bradford. 


"I'm very proud of both of them. Dexter especially puts so much into his training and trains every day except Tuesday."


She added that it was a huge step forward for him after he was bullied at school and that more programmes like Expect Summer are needed in Doncaster.


Sarah said: "I think Expect Summer is brilliant and we need more programmes like it in Doncaster. It gets kids off the streets and it's great for any families that might struggle with paid-for events and activities."