Talk to EXPECT Youth about recruiting volunteers for your organisation

01 July 2019

EXPECT Youth is launching a campaign for volunteers to help young people develop their essential life skills.

EXPECT Youth has been running the Essential Life Skills programme under funding from the Department for Education Opportunity Area and wants to continue providing young people with voluntary opportunities when the funding ends in August this year.

So far, the programme has been hugely successful, with 35 providers and 112 schools in Doncaster having engaged more than 23,000 children and young people.

EXPECT Youth's role in the Essential Life Skills programme is to help organisations who work with young people and children across Doncaster and South Yorkshire to recruit volunteers. EXPECT Youth can help with applications, DBS checks and provide free training opportunities to help volunteers develop into valuable team members.  

In the past two months, 23 passionate volunteers have been recruited to work at 10 different organisations and as EXPECT Youth continues to source new volunteers, we hope that youth provision in Doncaster and South Yorkshire will be supported to continue their fantastic work.  

If you would like more information on volunteering with EXPECT Youth and their partners please click here or email